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The Etomite Content Management system is packed full of useful and intuitive features. Etomite is completely different in many ways - it allows the end user to control virtually every aspect of their website, whether it be from layout to how the Meta Tags are generated, making it the number one SEO CMS.

If you are running Apache, and your host allows the use of .htaccess files, then Etomite becomes even more SEO Friendly (Search Engine Optimized), by allowing what we would call friendly urls - no more question marks in the URL (Universal Resource Locater), but virtual page names.

Here are just a few highlights to give you an overview:

  • WYSIWYG Document Editing: Create and edit your documents just like you were writing a document in a word-processor. Add tables, images and formatted text without any knowledge of HTML.
  • Security: Worried about security? Don't be. Etomite provides access permissions so that you retain total control over which users have access to which parts of Etomite.
  • Scheduled Publishing: Schedule your documents to be published and unpublished to and from your website at given dates, which you configure.
  • Modern & Intuitive Interface: The Etomite Content Management System has been designed from the start to be user-friendly and easy to navigate.
  • Free Support: Free support is provided via the Support Forums giving you access to a library of information and solutions, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.
  • Small Footprint: A default install of Etomite takes just over 2MB of webspace, but will save you more than that in recouped space from pages that are no longer needed once website content sits within your Etomite template. The installation also requires around 350 Kb database space for the default site.
  • Unlimited Functionality: Because Etomite allows you to add your own PHP code, via Snippets, the functionality is virtually unlimited.
  • Template Driven: Your content is delivered encased within fully customisable templates, giving you a seamless join between Etomite, your content, and what your visitors experience.
  • Respects Web Standards: As the Etomite site itself shows, Etomite Content Management System respects W3C standards. There is absolutely nothing in Etomite to prevent you from having a fully compliant website. Remember, this site itself is managed with Etomite and we are currently validated to XHTML 1.0 Strict standard.
Year project started: 
Latest release: 
1.1 - January 15 2009
Available modules and features: 
Available modules and features: 
Contact form
Available modules and features: 
Available modules and features: 
Search form
Available modules and features: 
User registration
Available modules and features: 
PHP version required: 
4.x or greater
Database compatibility: 
Native language: 
Translated To: 
Many (view the CMS website for complete list)
Multilinguage support: 
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