This Drupal release includes many critical bug fixes, especially around the upgrade path, security issues, JavaScript, performance, and other areas.

Please see the release notes for more details.

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Release date : May 23, 2010

This release includes many critical bug fixes and other improvements, including:

Drupal 7, which is already behind schedule, is expected to be launched in either summer or autumn this year. The open source software, which is increasing in popularity, is now thought to power around one percent of the world's websites. The upgrade will feature over 70 new modules and contain a substantial growth in code size.

The new release of popular content management system Drupal will be slower, but more scalable, according to its creators.

The announcement came at the Drupalcon conference in San Francisco.

Lots of work has gone into AJAX (formerly AHAH) and Javascript in Drupal 7. AJAX is WAY easier to use now, and there are lots of new Javascript/JQuery features, including JQuery UI in core. Our goal is that you'll walk out of this session no longer afraid of AJAX in Drupal.

What is AJAX? AJAX was called AHAH just yesterday (D6), and in the Drupal context it most often means the ability for Drupal forms to dynamically refresh without a page load. So it means cooler forms that don't have to press the submit button all the time - they can dynamically respond to user input.

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