MODx Revolution Version 2.0 RC2 Released

The MODx Team would like you to know that MODx Revolution 2.0 RC-2 is out and ready for download.

There are 2 versions available:

  • Traditional ( - For regular users and users who don't have root/sudo access to their machine. 
  • Advanced ( - For those who want a smaller download and compressed install and have root/sudo access to their machine.

Note: Revolution 2.0 (since Beta-5) requires PHP 5.1.1 and above.

What's new in Revolution 2.0.0 RC-2?

  • Vastly improved and more detailed PDO checks in setup
  • Lots of speed and performance optimizations for manager UI, faster response times, and update to ExtJS 3.2.1
  • Elements can now be restricted by Access Control Lists on their Categories
  • Lexicons refactored; now file-based and much easier to develop with, any entry can be overridden without breaking upgrade path
  • Categories can now be drag/dropped in the Elements tree
  • Added tree_root_id setting that allows you to specify the start parent id (or ids) of the left Resource tree
  • Added filemanager_path for restricting files tree paths, added file-specific permissions for ACLs
  • Over 100 bugs fixed and tasks resolved

More information here.

Download link here.

Release date : May 27, 2010

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